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The effect of vibrated water on plant growth

The first study we made to test the effect of vibrated water on different kinds of plants took place on 27th May, 1986. The experiment was made on a 300m2 block of land with the foundations of a building nearby.  We were able to use the electricity supply from this building to construct an automatic watering system.  This small farm was situated about 15 kilometers east of Vienna, Austria.

1. Climate
The weather data was provided by the weather observation station in Enzersfield.  It was a rather rainy summer with an average rainfall of 54.5mm during the test period.  The average temperature during the test period was 24.50C and in this area quite a strong north-west wind was blowing which dries the soil very rapidly.  Because of the late setting up of the test area it was heavily overgrown with annual and perennial weeds.  That is why the field was sprayed with Gesaprim on the 25th May. 

2. Preparation of the soil
The soil type was brown earth i.e. sandy, clay and loam.  For this experiment we did not analyse the soil because it was not necessary or helpful.   As we began late it was not possible to supply any sort of fertilization. 

3. Pattern of experiment 
The test area was divided into four strips, each 4m x 20m = 80m2 in size.  Each strip was sub-divided into four plots each 4m x 5m = 20m2 in size.  I selected sunflowers which grow well in this type of soil and maize which is planted by the local farmers of this area. 

4. Irrigation
The “drip irrigation” system from the firm “Salen”, Vienna 21, was chosen.  Normal drinking water from the building was brought to the field via a 1 inch hose, from which 3 half inch hoses were connected.  In order to cut out the possibility of human error, the irrigation equipment was automated with the help of one seven day timer and two 24 hour timers and three magnetic valves.  Seven days after setting up the farm, on 4 June, 1986, the irrigation was put to operation.  The test area (i.e. vibrated and unvibrated areas) was irrigated for 1½ hours from 1.00 a.m. to 2.30 a.m. early in the morning.  After 30 days irrigation took place once a week, also for 1½ hours each time.  On 26th October, 1986, irrigation was suspended.  The water was vibrated at a certain point in the test area. 

5. Discussion 
Photographs and graphs were  taken at different stages of the plants development, the vibrated plants were greener, more vital and showed significant lead in their growth over the unvibrated plants.  The vibrated water not only activates the growth of the plants, it also enlarges and improves the sprouting potential of the seeds.  For example, the sprouting ratio of sunflowers rated normally between 75% – 80%.  Through the use of vibrated water the ratio was increased to about 95% – 100%.  Because of the high germination ratio and the strong growth of the plants in the vibrated portion of the test area, you can well imagine this caused a severe competition for space, water and light.  Such a condition usually inhibits the growth of plants but despite the density in the vibrated plot, its harvest was about 20-25% better than the control plots.   

As we all know, at the present time there is a tendency for Scientists to investigate smaller and smaller areas of flora and fauna very precisely.  As a result of these precise studies there have been books and books written about one and the same matter, and the wider understanding of the interdependence of living things is lost.  Most of our scientific experiences make the gap between Science and Nature larger.  Because of this the Scientists are constantly confronted with new and insoluble problems.  For example, the slow death of the fields and forests.  Prof. Dr. Felix KREISSLER, who is a Scientist at the University of Hannover (Germany) and Prof. Kurt ZUKRIGEL, professor at the University for Agriculture, Vienna, reported about the contamination of barley fields from Hannover to Vienna.  Yearly the farmers have to use tons and tons of manure to fertilize the farms, to keep the increase of the harvest to about 5%.  The most successful increase in Vienna is about 5 – 7%.  A large number of Scientists are reporting daily, monthly and yearly about the dying forests in Europe, Canada and U.S.A.  Most of the Scientists have already given up their research on the cause of the forests dying because they cannot understand it. 

We have difficulty to understand the living process.   A great portion of our knowledge is based on dead matter.  We are able to produce daily a big car, but not a small living cell.  We all know, how the ozone is dissolving, and what danger it is to humanity.  The politicians are busy with many world problems but have no time for us or themselves.  We Scientists should not be too egotistical about our technical achievements.  What we see today as a great success can be later a big danger to humanity e.g. atom bombs, atomic weapons and c-weapons, and so on.

In contrast, Sahaja Yoga offers a simple, cheap and easy solution.  The teachings of SHRI MATAJI NIRMALA DEVI, make it possible not only to deal with the living process, and not only to solve the problems of the developed countries, but also offers a great opportunity to solve the problems of the third world.  The vibrations are a living thing, as SHRI MATAJI NIRMALA DEVI explains, “They think and act”.  The action of vibrations can be compared with a magnetic field with iron.  Just as iron atoms react to magnetic fields, the earth, water, fauna and flora, including human beings react to the vibrations flowing from SHRI MATAJI NIRMALA DEVI. 

Scientifically it can be proven that vibrations radiate from Shri Mataji herself and from Her photograph.  As you know, the connecting angle between Oxygen (0-) and Hydrogen (H+) is normally 1050 and 28´ and this angle is normally very stable and doesn’t change with any kind of physical experiment e.g. pressure, temperature, chemical.  The capacity of this angle is to dissolve different chemicals in water.  As vibrations are a living process our understanding is that through the action of vibrations in water, this angle is changed to enable the dissolving capacity of the chemicals, positively or negatively, to improve. 

As every Sahaja Yogi knows, as the vibrations flow through our body, the body temperature cools down.  If they have the same effect on water then this means that automatically the temperature of water comes down.  This means that cool water, as is well known, has more capacity to dissolve air oxygen than warm water.  This extra oxygen at the root of the plants enables better plant growth. Every atom spins at a certain speed and within a certain distance from each other.  Every atom in water molecules are spinning at a certain speed and with a certain distance between them.  Our interpretation is that the vibrations do nothing else but: – (a) change the speed (b) bring the atoms nearer to each other.  This means that the water can stay at the same angle i.e. 1050 and 28´ but through the nearing of Hydrogen atoms to Oxygen make a big negative field in Oxygen, which in turn gives water the capacity to dissolve insoluble elements and also the capacity to dissolve e.g. NH4 or other N— containing elements.  This is the reason vibrations give plants a nice green colour.  We know from every sort of experiment that the plants which use too much nitrogen become dark green.  For the scientifically hard-minded researchers, our interpretation would certainly need further verification; however, for us the most important question is not what changes in the water, but how we can use this wonder water to solve our problems.









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  • 1 ashok kumar misra // Jun 8, 2011 at 4:46 am

    yes sir, i am using vibrated water in my garden around the house. the benefits noted are:
    1. grass is greener & patch less no need of using insecticides
    2. plenty & deep coloured flowering
    3. Highly Infected mango tree stem size increased & mangoes are very juicy & sweet
    4. rodent & mosquitoes vanished
    5. increased concentration of birds
    6. improvement in plant growth observed
    7. emmission of cool vibrations detected by our hands.

  • 2 Paul Blockley // Nov 29, 2011 at 1:36 pm

    A wonderful study. Do you have any links to Shri Dumal’s studies on his farm in Rahuri, Maharashtra?

  • 3 siraj // Feb 17, 2013 at 6:37 pm

    power of mother has no limits

  • 4 sandeep maurya // Apr 21, 2014 at 10:18 pm


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