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How are realised souls different to others?

There are five basic elements of light, air, water, fire and earth which control our body.  According to the Science of Ayurveda, these elements are present in varying proportions in different people.  That is the reason why all people are not alike; their behaviour and their personality is also different.  The effects of these elements on us can be felt in Sahaja Yoga in a very subtle form.

LIGHT:  How does light pervades Sahaja Yoga so much?  When a person gets realisation there is a radiance in their face,  i.e. radiance starts flowing and expressing on the face.  Faces starts shinning, giving a kind of a different complexion. 

AIR:  The subtle form of air that prevails in Realised Souls is a cool breeze.  As we settle and grow deep in Sahaj Yoga, all these things starts showing.  We can experience the cool breeze in our palms, fingers tips and on top of our head.  For those who are sensitive they may feel it in the chakras themselves, in different parts of the body, as well as from their feet.

WATER:  This makes hard skin soft. i.e. skin becomes soft.  This is another sign of realisation.  Water in us gives us that lustre, that nourishment, to make our skin very soft.  Thus a realised person becomes very delicate.  When he talks to another person, they have the coolness of water.  Their behaviour will be expressed while dealing with others, just like water which is soothing, mobile, cooling and cleansing.

FIRE:  Fire burns all that is wrong within us.  For example, when a person with great anger comes before you, it cools down the anger.  If you are a perfect Sahaja Yogi, fire will never burn you.  If you are doing something wrong, fire will burn you.

MOTHER EARTH:  Kundalini is in Mother Earth.  She gives us all forms of nourishment and makes us grow healthily.  It is the giver of birth to flowers, trees etc.  It plays a great role within us.  Subtlety of Mother Earth is "gravity" which comes into us.  A person becomes very attractive, not in a physical sense but in a spiritual sense. Others feel something special in us.  Other qualities of Mother Earth is that she starts emitting and we become like her:  extremely tolerant with lot of patience and forgiving.  This is the minimum of minimum that should happen to all Sahaj Yogis who have realisation.  We must realise what we have got.  Self Introspection can tell us whether we have these subtle things in us.  We do not have to do any effort.  It just happens and happens spontaneously.

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  • 1 ajoy kumar saha // Jan 13, 2015 at 11:45 pm

    these should be highlighted during self realiasation

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