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 Agricultural Benefits

After self-realization in Sahaja Yoga, the Kundalini energy gets activated in the human body leading to the connection of human consciousness with the omnipresent divine consciousness (paramchaitanya) that takes care of the complete existence and which is addressed in different forms and different languages across the world, leading to a higher quality of living. 

Similarly, if this divine energy is channelised in agriculture, the benefits are enormous.  Farmers are especially the biggest beneficiaries of this gift by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi as they expend much physical effort and have to face many unforeseen natural calamities. Sahaja Yoga has been successfully tried and tested to provide extraordinary agricultural production and livestock quality in various countries. Through the harmonization of  the individual with paramchaitanya, many Sahaja Yogis associated with agriculture have shown that it is possible to achieve:

  • Higher food production
  • Better growth of plants
  • Protection against natural calamities
  • Improved quality of cattle feed
  • Robust health of cattle
  • Increased milk production

And all this has happened without any extra money being invested.  Sahaja Yoga, the gift of Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi to this earth, is not only limited to the prosperity of the mankind but to living forms of all kinds. 

Research on the benefits of Sahaja Yoga in agriculture has been performed by Maharana Pratap Agriculture & Tech University, Udaipur.  Senior research scientists have successfully proved that by using seeds invigorated through vibrations, usage of vibrated water for irrigation and other Sahaja Yoga methods, the plant quality and food production has been much higher than the normal yield.   Extensive research is also being undertaken by co-operative milk producers and the university to explore the possibility of utilizing the benefits of Sahaja Yoga, for increasing milk production. 

Bhogpur Village: an agricultural island of excellence

Near the holy city of Haridwar, in Bhogpur village, a Sahaja yogi has been using the grace of Shri Mataji to continuously produce extraordinary agricultural output through simple Sahaja Yoga methods.  In fact, the whole village has adopted his methods and has become quite popular in surrounding areas for its high food grain productivity.  The vegetable and cattle feed size and quality is also much higher than that in surrounding villages.  The effects have also been extended by its initiator, Jagpal Singh, in dairy sector, as a result of which the quality and quantity of milk of the dairy has shown very high improvements.  This has also resulted in the dairy being awarded for having Highest Purity and Quality in the whole district.

The effect of Vibrations on the environment:

Scientific research done in Russia on the effect of the Vibrations on problems caused by radioactivity has shown a marked drop in the level of radioactivity when objects previously exposed to radiation are exposed to the Vibrations.  It was also found that the Vibrations had a positive effect on polluted lakes: when exposed to the Vibrations, pollution levels dropped.  Experiments in agriculture show that the Vibrations improve plant growth and seed germination potential, and better crop frequency and yield. 

At a time when whatever is "100% articial" is all the rage, we have a glimpse here of what tremendous potential the Vibrations have for mankind.  The strong point of these resources, that can be used as therapy, in ecology or in food production, is that they are part of an entirely natural process. 

Priority is to the inner transformation of our awareness, however.  It is essential to understand that the purpose of Realisation is not to cure or bring about improvement; these are only the side-effects.  The purpose of Realisation is, and always will be, to achieve our union with the Divine.  Therefore, the most miraculous of all the benefits made accessible to us is this new dimension to our awareness.  Shri Mataji explains that in this way, the human being becomes universal:"  Gradually,the person no longer identifies with whatever is false or artificial. Thus,he notices the intrinsic beauty of things, and not their material value as belongings.  With full knowledge, he identifies with the truth."  As the subtle centres open, their qualities begin to manifest in us.  Innocence, forgiveness, detached generosity, satisfaction, peace, security, diplomacy and humility will spread like the scent of a flower that blossoms, as our meditation grows deeper and more sincere.


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