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Educational benefits

The primary concern of education is awakening of the Spirit.  The purpose of Sahaja education is universal love and sharing through self discipline.  Sahaja education wishes to foster relationships among students which establish purity, innocence and awareness of chastity with emphasis on dignity, decency and decorum of good manners.  Students learn to respect their sense of morality and sacredness of the body, which is the temple of God.  Such a school’s policy should be “…moulded for the pupil to attain the full development of his/her potential through the actualisation of their spiritual evolution, according to Sahaja yoga.” 

The ideal of a Sahaja school is to have a peaceful and serene atmosphere that allows for greater absorption power of the attention.  The system should be to establish a firm foundation for the learning process that provides basic knowledge in all subjects in a happy, friendly, homely and vitalising environment; to encourage and stimulate the pupil’s natural curiosity, creativity and imagination in a peaceful environment; to provide a place where pupils can understand spiritual and moral principles; to allow each child to develop their personality and individuality and yet retain the ability to work, share and play harmoniously without evoking competition; to enjoy collectivity; to bring out the innate human qualities through respect and love of kindness, courage, honesty, propriety, sensitivity, dignity, compassion, consideration and spontaneity; and, to provide knowledge of day to day practical life so that they can help themselves and their fellow men. 

By such a system a child will become grounded in himself and will easily recognise falsehood, deceit and superficially projected values.  “Such a student will be made mindful of his individual and collective responsibilities such as respect and duty towards his parents, elders, teachers, fellowmen, public property, country and the world at large.”  The Vision of the Founder of Sahaja Education: H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, p. 9-11, Education Enlightened.