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Background to Tour of 2008

Sahaja Yoga in Sierra Leone began at Moribatown on October 14th 1985 when Patrick known also as Waju Waju received his Self Realisation.  Subsequently over the next 8 months a collective of 21 was formed.  The tremendous impact of the long and destructive War resulted in disconnection of the small collective from Sahaja Yoga friends in other countries. 

However on July 27th 2007 contact was made by phone with Patrick after a long search for him.  He expressed his gratitude and also his love for Sahaja Yogis in general for this reunion.  On asking him did he remember Sahaja Yoga teachings, he replied ” I clean my chakras every day” and went on to sing a Sahaj song called Aarti. He expressed his love for Shri Mataji and Her Bandhan over him these many years.

The Realise Sierra Leone Tour 2008 begins March 5th and runs until April 5th.

Yogis are invited to participate both in the process of Self Realisation and if possible the four Musical Concerts we will run, if so inclined.

Please watch the recent film ” Amazing Grace” which is about the abolition of slavery.  After this historic breakthrough many slaves were set free at Freetown, many from the USA, hence it’s name,.  Approximately 1.1 million live there now. 

In 2008 Freetown should again be the trigger for freedom, this time Spiritual freedom. 

Check out details about the country of Sierra Leone on the Web. 

Jai Shri Ganesha, Jai Shri Afrikeswari Ki Jai


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  • 1 Peter // Jan 9, 2008 at 7:36 pm

    The upcoming Realise Sierra Leone Tour 2008 will begin on March 5th. Free Musical Concerts will be run, these will open with the Sierra Leone National Anthem, our concerts will be advertised on Radio and in Newspapers. Bo will also be another place where a Concert will be presented for the public to enjoy.

    This website is still under construction, it will outline benefits that a variety of people in different situations have received from regular practice of Sahaja Yoga Meditation. This Meditation was given to us for free by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi and it is taught for free across the World. For a country such as Sierra Leone which is recovering from a long period of War, Sahaja Yoga Meditation is an excellent tool to assist with rehabilitation of the population into a state of forgiveness and peace.

  • 2 Leela Jesus // Feb 23, 2008 at 6:28 am

    Sounds amazing! I am sure that the beautiful open-hearted African people will respond well to the experience of Self-realisation.

    The story of Mr. Patrick is very touching. My husband and I would love to join you on this tour but this time it won´t be possible because we are on another journey. Please let us know if there should be another Sierra Leone Tour in the future!

    ps. My husband is a musician.


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