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Health benefits

We, as humans, desire good health and long life. This is a built-in and natural desire. We want to live long! Animals, insects, any of Mother Earth’s creatures, and plants, all are on the same path. The difference for humans is that we have the ability to think and analyze, perceive and act; to love and feel joy, and to understand our bodies. We can find cures and fix ourselves. We can take all the necessary foods, have minerals and supplements, and, using modern medicine we can live a long life! Or can we!

If one does a little research into the history of medicine, in all the different lands and ancient cultures, there are certain common elements. Firstly, each culture had some kind of belief, or higher power, which could help in many different ways, for example make the rains come, take away all plagues, and of course, give us good health and long life! Secondly, each cultural group had their own cures using natural herbs and remedies, which were administrated by a doctor from their tribe.

Recorded in the ancient texts of India, such as the various Puranas (books of knowledge), is the ayyovedic medical system (which is thousands of years old) that based health was maintained by keeping the balance in the chakras (wheels of light energy) and the nadis or gunas (channels). Each chakra and each channel is still prevalent within us today. Using Sahaj Yoga techniques we can get to the root cause of an illness or a disease manifesting within the chakras and/or nadis and permanently cure it.

Western medicine of today (which is about 200 years old) fixes the symptom but does often not go to the root cause. So you can see, with the help of Sahaj Yoga meditation (as well as using western medicine if needed) we can live a long and healthy and joyful life.

Each chakra is related to a nerve plexis, which you can feel and decipher on your hands and thereby get to the root cause. So please try it for yourself, treat is as an experiment and you may be pleasantly surprised. Please refer to the “Sahaja Yoga” tab for more information on how to treat yourself.

For detailed references to research on Sahaja Yoga please visit Sahaja Yoga research site and meditation research site.

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